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Score is the very first project launched under the Apptigo flagship. We take immense pride in the launch and continued success of this mobile App.

What is Score? Score is the ultimate game of compatibility; the ultimate match-maker that matches people based on crazy personality traits.

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About Us

From the minds behind works such as: Ruthless & Toothless + Ruthless Collective with artists from Miami Ink; the web launch of Casa Casaurina, aka the Versace Mansion; and a host of other creative client experiences ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as: The Setai Miami Beach, The Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Absolut Vodka, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dodge, Chrysler, Citi Bank, Asilia Safaris Tanzania, Green Footprint Safaris Tanzania, TrueAfrica Safaris, Minute Maid, Jeep, Travelers Insurance and Renault comes... Apptigo.

Let's have fun. Let's rock. Let's roll. Let's entice the soul. Stimulate the mind. Get out of control. Or not.

Let's push boundaries. Draw new ones. Bring worth to what we do. Make experiences worth experiencing.

Apptigo has what you want, even if you don't know you want it yet. Yeah, we're that forward thinking.

We engage on multiple levels, and aren't afraid to bring actual intelligence to Smart Phones.

Freelancer Essentials
  • “We had an idea, but no idea what to do next. David and Casey made our idea a reality. I have no idea what we would have done without them.”

    CHRIS GARVER - World Famous Tattoo Artist/Partner, Ruthless & Toothless
  • “Our own peers in the industry mistook our work at Branding Forces for the work of a 30-person boutique for years, when all along, it was just us two.”

    CASEY CORDES - CEO, Apptigo
  • “Rescue Earth was a dream of mine for years, and because of the creativity and work ethic of Apptigo, we were able to make Rescue Earth real, and start to make a real difference.”

    JOSE RIVAS - Founder, Rescue Earth

Our Services


You've got to have more than a goal, you've got to have a plan and a map.


Teasing the eyes excites the mind. Pleasing the brain moves the business.


"What is" quickly becomes "what was" in this ever changing sea. We are perfectly situated and capable of tackling the shifting tides.


There are so many ways to communicate in real time. So many exciting new platforms to use. Good thing we are extremely social.


You could say we're classically trained in marketing, but that wouldn't be a good way to market our vast skills in this arena.


An over-used, often abused word to describe our entire reason for being. In conversation, we don't say we innovate. We just do.

Who are we? We are Apptigo.

Team Member

Casey Cordes

CEO / Co-Founder

Casey Cordes has worked as a Creative Director, Social Media Strategist and Senior Copywriter with extensive experience in creating solutions across multiple platforms for a wide range of Fortune 500 clients, from start-ups to multinationals.

His client portfolio includes Absolut Vodka, Carnival Cruise Lines, Citibank, Cigna, Chrysler, Dodge, Renault, The Florida Lottery, NBC/Telemundo, Kaplan University, Florida Power & Light, Listerine, Travelers Insurance, Zumba Fitness, Tampico and Coca-Cola.

Team Member

David Steinberg

Creative Director / Co-Founder

David Steinberg is a former Creative / Design Director with a strong background in brand development for the advertising and marketing industry, re-enforced by a 12-year track record of success. During his career he has been in charge of developing intelligent marketing campaigns and strategies, creating innovative brand identities, establishing creative timeframes, building efficient high-level teams and pitching complete branding concepts to various clients. He actively take the reigns of all projects as the lead architect of the brand and design development, and always looks to create a positive growing experience for his teams that allow each member to utilize their talents while pushing their potential.

Team Member
Francisco Obarrio
Head of Development
Team Member
Thiago Soares
Head of Animation
Team Member
Katherine Sendin
Concept Artist
Apptigo Thought Series

5 Mandatory Mental Exercises for Start-ups

Posted on July 24, 2014 by Casey Cordes

The sizzling sensation of being a start-up that is aiming for the stars and ready to land on the moon seemingly has an amazing upward trajectory. The reality for those riding that wave, however, is that it is more akin to a daily rollercoaster ride. The highs are celestial, and the lows can feel like they’re touching Lucifer.

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